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Primal Health Coaching for the conscious adventure seekers


diet and nutrition advice tailored for you. Not everyone is the same. with over 5 years as a chef I'm passionate about food. Interesting and exciting dishes you can learn to cook with a chef's intuition using primal ingredients to unlock health in your genes.


Want to take your performance to the next level. Time to tune up. Exercise may have been making you weaker. Find out how to unlock the secret of your genes to powerful adaptive response to intuitive movement


Achieving full functional fitness to explore, play and adventure. Longevity and happiness. Ties it all together



Tom has a BSc. in Applied Sports Science where he studied with a focus on skateboarding, snowboarding and extreme sports. Combining his love for food, travel and sport, he trained as chef and has worked in kitchens across the world. Spurred on by his personal health issues, he has since become influenced by the ancestral health movement and is a qualified Primal Health Coach. Green Performance is the result of these experiences and is the ongoing pursuit of achieving natural vitality. He offers performance-driven coaching to fellow adventure seekers that are fed up of living in the ‘default world’. It is for those who want to ditch their annoying health complaints and are ready to unlock their innate, natural vitality. To find out more of his story, you can hear from him here.
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