Hands up if you are a person who sets new, inspiring goals every day or week, but are also the person who usually doesn’t stick to or achieve them? If this resonates with you, I’m assuming you may feel hints of frustration, self-doubt, low motivation and little to no drive. I am able to pinpoint these emotions because a few months back I was in the situation where I continuously let myself down by not following through with my goal setting. It causes that sinking feeling of worthlessness and kills the positivity and productivity that should be radiating from you. Why is it that we sabotage ourselves with such unattainable goals then? From my own experience, it is never the case of not being able to reach the goals, rather it is the routines and habits (we get stuck in) that hold us back from achieving our full potential.

My downfall:

When I finally decided to quit my job, move overseas and create a new life for myself, I found I had developed into a less driven and focussed person. I am usually not so inactive in my approach to life and/or work but with the combination of too much spare time and no foreseeable job prospect, I became lazy and kept making excuses for why I didn’t need to do something. After a few weeks of this spiraling downfall – I’d had enough of the setbacks. This slump in motivation had come at a time when I had more freedom than ever, yet was using the bare minimum of my time to do something meaningful.

I then realised, the days where my inactivity was at its worst, were also the same days that I slept in late, didn’t have a nutritious breakfast and didn’t have a solid plan for the day. I would wake feeling unmotivated and that carried on throughout the day.

I really had to do some reflective thinking on myself, my life and the type of person I used to be, and the type of person I wanted to be. What I realised, is when I have been the most successful, had the most abundance, and been the most productive – I had habitual morning rituals which I followed every single day. This ‘uh huh’ moment gave me clarity on what I needed to be doing and that very next morning I got back on track striving for fulfilment, purpose and meaning in my days.

What I found to work:

1. Get up at the same time every morning.

Not only is this good for establishing your routine and body clock, it also allows you the time to complete your morning practices without being rushed. If you decide 7:00am is the right time for you to wake – set your alarm at 6:55am and once the second (and final) alarm goes at 7:00am, you have no excuse but to be jumping from bed. In my opinion, waking earlier rather than later is key – if you are incredibly productive with your morning, you can relax for the afternoon 🙂

 2. Meditate before anything else.

Meditation clears the pathway to happiness. Over time and with practice, meditation allows you to turn off the internal chatter of the mind and get more in touch with feelings and intuition. Meditation has a whole array of health benefits, in addition to increasing mental performance and productivity, it can reduce blood pressure, improve skin conditions and decrease chronic pain. If you don’t have a meditation practice I suggest starting with guided meditation. Read this post on ways you can access guided zen meditations.

3. Set your intention(s) for the day.

Be clear on what you want to achieve and how you will be successful. We are successful every single day, even a small thing such as being polite to everyone we interact with is a success! Be clear on what it is you want to achieve and make it happen. Once you say, write or think it, it’s come into existence so don’t go back on your word!

4. Drink a large glass of fresh lemon water (I love with addition of apple cider vinegar).

The lemon is alkalising, and the water assists in the digestive process. Warm is best as cold water can hinder the process. Similarly, the apple cider vinegar helps to support a healthy alkaline pH level and it is effective with stimulating digestive juices, which in result help the body break down food.

5. Have a green juice or smoothie.

Starting the day with this type of liquid allows you to get a decent dose of vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals (phytonutrients). A further KEY element of the green juice is to include a good dose of a healthy fat e.g. coconut oil or avocado. Coconut oil is a MCT (medium chain triglyceride) meaning it is a type of fatty acid that assists with nutrient absorption and digestion. More on MCTs can be found here.

6. Make yourself a bulletproof coffee.

If you don’t know about bulletproof, head to their website to find out more.

7. Exercise

Even just a teeny tiny bit! Get your body moving and your brain gets grooving. It really doesn’t need to be much to start seeing the benefits. Yoga specifically gives mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits – all which help in reducing stress-related health problems. Additionally, when we exercise and work our heart, we can reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease, stroke and/or diabetes.

8. Use positive affirmations- Ideally in the mirror.

You need to look at yourself and mean what you say to truly manifest the prosperity you deserve. Checkout some of our favourites here.

Give these a go and set yourself up for success. Plan for and manifest the abundance you deserve!

Bye for now,

Nellie xo


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