Hello, we are super excited to have our website live!

We are Tommy and Nellie and this past year have made it our mission to kick our bodies into optimal health. In our modern day and age, we feel many diet and lifestyle choices are hindering people’s true performance. We are sick of seeing the widespread variety of diseases, weight problems and health issues that are becoming the norm.

For us, we really value feeling better than just ‘ok’ and have come to realise if we want to live a remarkable life, than we need to eliminate many toxins on a daily basis. Our Green Performance notion is about the interrelated connection of physical health, psychological wellbeing and positive spiritual experiences. Therefore, we are looking in nature first to improve quality of life and lifespan.

If you are the type of person who is health conscious, wants to live an extraordinary life and is ready to take on some challenges and changes, then please join us on this journey as we share recipes, potions, hacks and habits that work!

Let’s do this!

Tom and Nellie

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