Both carry serious risks to your physical and mental health but sugar isn’t illegal and is commonly found in so many processed and refined foods, which are available and marketed to everyone. When combating candida I completely cut sugar from my diet and then slowly introduced certain sources. Now I am aware of where sugar is found and how the body reacts to it and I can control my intake, limiting it to certain fruits (mainly berries) and some starchy veg (sweet potatoes). Sugar is found in obvious sources such as soft drinks and candy bars but it’s also found in high quantities in products marketed as ‘healthy’ such as cereal bars, smoothies and fruit.

Essentially, the body recognises any carbohydrate as sugar

Wherever you are on your road to optimal performance it’s always advantageous to know the effects of certain foods on your body and mind. Sugar is well known to promote an array of adverse health effects and some doctors are now referring to Alzheimer’s disease as Type-III diabetes!

Here are a few interesting points:


Sugar provides us with energy (calories) but doesn’t give any nutrition (vitamins, minerals etc) – consuming it doesn’t give us any benefits. We aren’t satiated after consuming sugar which can leave us feeling hungry and looking to consume more calories.


Sugar that hasn’t been used by the body to perform work will be stored in the liver as fat. This is then processed into harmful VLDL cholesterol that can cause clogging of the arteries and increases the risk of heart attack and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Also, high amounts of fructose can cause increases in LDL cholesterol, insulin and blood sugar levels – all chief risk factors of heart disease. (1)


Insulin is an important hormone that allows blood sugar to enter our cells and informs our cells whether to burn fat or glucose to maintain optimum blood sugar levels. When consuming a diet high in added sugar, insulin does not perform as it should and the cells can become resistant to it. This can lead to the pancreas making more insulin but with no effect on blood sugar and can result in increased likelihood of type II diabetes. (2)


Sugar and other junk foods cause a much greater release of dopamine in the brain than natural foods. Dopamine is the hormone related to ‘desire’ in the brain and this response can be very addictive. Sugar is comparable to drugs such as cocaine in its addictive power! (3)


Bacteria love simple sugars that are easily available and digestible to them. Cravings are often signals sent by these bacteria telling you to eat harmful foods as to ensure their own survival. If left unchecked, yeasts and bad bacteria can run rampant and lead to range of digestive issues such as leaky gut.


Limiting sugar and being more aware of the sources it is found in is key on the path to a more resilient body and mind. Replacing carbs with healthy fats as the body’s primary source of energy has aided me massively. The most dramatic performance benefit I have noticed is my mind’s capacity to remain calm but work fast in whatever challenge I’m facing.



Eliminating the toxic build up in our bodies is key to living a life of energy. To do this we must reduce our exposure to toxins in the environment and optimise the processes used by the body to deal with and remove toxins in our cells.


This can difficult as we don’t have complete control over what we are exposed to: car fumes, smoke, chemical cleaning products, tap water and even the food we eat all contain harmful toxins that build up in our cells and cause oxidative stress (basically cell damage reduces the amount of energy we can produce). What we can control, however, is what we choose to buy and use on a daily basis – shampoo, deodorant, moisturisers, toothpaste, laundry detergent, food – these products often contain a lot of harmful chemicals (fluoride and aluminium are common in toothpaste, tap water and deodorant and are neurotoxic).

Glyphosate is a pesticide that is routinely sprayed on GMO crops, the plant uptakes this chemical and stores it within its cells and we consume it, washing your veg won’t get rid of it! The problem with glyphosate is that it kills beneficial bacteria, and when you consider that bacteria outnumbers human cells 10-1 in our body, this is bad news and can create conditions for bad bugs to run wild. It leaves us susceptible to the growth of nasty pathogens and fungi within the body, which in turn increases toxic build up, which leads to inflammation that eventually results in reduced energy, reduced brain function, and in many cases, an autoimmune disease of some sort.

I don’t believe it’s a case of if you are are toxic or not, it is a case of how toxic you are and how effectively your body can cope with the toxic burden of everyday life. How many toxins you expose yourself to and how efficient your system is at removing them is key. Fortunately, we can optimise both.

As your body begins to remove toxic build up you don’t want to give it any more toxins to deal with, so choose natural products that are gentle on the body. It is also well worthwhile to invest in a water filter. A reverse osmosis system that fits under the sink is the best.

Eating organic is another measure I strongly recommend – so much conventionally farmed food is full of fungicides, pesticides and hormones that wreak havoc on our body. Switch your personal care products to ones that only contain natural, beneficial ingredients (a lot of products contain chemicals known to cause damage, I wouldn’t want to be putting it on my face and spraying myself with neurotoxins). Start looking at what you are buying and what you are using, there are plenty of awesome products out there that look, taste and smell great and made using ingredients and methods that don’t harm the planet and your health.



For this, you will want to start slowly. It is best to ease into it and not to shock yourself with a big change that will leave you with cold turkey symptoms. Firstly, begin to eliminate all the harmful foods in your diet (I found this can be quite difficult to start with and takes strong will power, something can be trained and improved).

For me, I had to leave my job and friends, for as long as I lived in that environment I struggled to change my habits. I was tasting everything I was making (regardless of what it was composed of), overindulging in alcohol and being in the stressful environment of a busy kitchen. I made the decision to put my health first and invest the time into healing myself, I moved to Australia to live with Nellie and began detoxing and healing. Once I removed myself from my usual life and patterns of behaviour it was a lot easier to make the food and lifestyle choices I needed to.

After 3 days I felt awful – I suffered fluey symptoms and struggled to leave the bed. 3 more days my brain felt better but my body was weak. 10 days later I felt in the best condition I’ve ever been in. That is not to say I am completely healed, I am still continuing to detox and remove heavy metals from my tissues. I estimate the whole process to take about 2 years. (If you suffer any medical condition always seek the help of a trained practitioner when detoxing). This process is ongoing and I’m constantly learning new ways to adapt and live this lifestyle in an often demanding environment.

Integrating daily habits for diet, mindfulness and exercise will greatly help the detoxification process. It is always best to start slow and easy and build up as you are ready for it.

When we live consciously, not only do we gain more energy and feel more vibrant, we treat ourselves with the respect we deserve, which in turn leads to treating others and our environment with more compassion.

We live in a toxic world; but we have the power to change it. It starts with the choices we make everyday, what we put on our skin and on our plate, the companies we choose to support or neglect, how we interact with each other.


When we heal ourselves; we heal the planet 🙂


Go Green and keep performing,




I am thankful for the opportunity to start a new, fresh day. 

I am grateful for the friends and family I have. They’re supportive, loving and encourage me to be the best version of myself.

These are two very simple – yet powerful messages anyone can say everyday, to themselves, to show they are thankful.

When we show thankfulness we eliminate negativity and function at a higher level – allowing more acceptance, care and compassion into our lives.

These messages are so easy to say and are perfect examples of gratitude.

Gratitude therefore is an appreciation of all the things you are thankful for. It is paying respect to, and celebrating what we have and acknowledging the goodness and richness of our lives.

Unfortunately, some people can think gratitude is difficult, especially if we’re having a hard day. If at times you think you have nothing to be appreciative of  – I want you to think again.

What about the oxygen you’re breathing – you should be thankful for that!

What about the clothes on your back – you should be thankful for that!

Gratitude doesn’t have to be for some profound and unusual experience. In my opinion, when we show gratitude for the simplest things – this is when true happiness can really grow.

Try this next time you are having a bad day. List as many things you can of which you are happy for. It can be as simple as the appreciation for the food you’ve been able to eat.

Gratitude honestly makes you feel better – and it’s such a simple and easy thing to do. If you aren’t doing it yet, I strongly advise you to start. My life satisfaction has drastically improved just because I’m consciously making an effort to think about the good things I’m grateful for. Give it a go and if you’re really stuck have a look at these prompts, they’ll get you started.

With love,



This infographic designed my Mindvalley clearly sums up the importance of gratitude. Gratitude not only improves our health and wellbeing, it increases spiritualism, can boost our motivation, opens the doors for forgiveness and improves our social intelligence, which all inevitably makes us more happy. Through gratitude we become more in tune, feel more connected, show more appreciation, share more love  and therefore kindness in the world.

Enjoy the read and endeavour to sparkle more gratitude in each and every day!

With love,