Why do we bother trying to achieve our dreams? Goals? Pleasures? It’s a funny question to ponder. What is it that drives us in search of this constant fulfilment? I personally love goal setting, creating good habits, having regular routines, meeting deadlines and reaching my goals, but the other day I asked myself ‘why?’ And it really got me thinking.

When I thought it out and attempted to justify why I want to always be making progress – my answer was because it’s my life purpose. Internally and externally I want to be the best version of myself. If I set goals, I will always be working to improve and make better my current situation and that for myself was the answer. Goal setting is an outlet for manifesting the abundance to come and I want to make right now, and the future, as bright as possible. 

I recently listened to a podcast by Brooke Castillo, the Master Certified Instructor. Author and Curriculum Creator for The Life Coach School, and her words really resonated with me. She was talking about goals and how they should be put in place to make our existence and time more meaningful on this planet. I think what she said is bang on!

She then went on to say that goal setting is a spiritual practice, and for goals to be truly effective, they must come from, and be set in a place of happiness. I also love this line of thinking! I hadn’t really thought of it in this way before but if we aren’t happy, how can we set good, achievable goals? Thinking about the concept in this way kinda blew my mind as it 100% resonates with me.

If you think of yourself in a time of struggle, your goal setting will usually be to solve a problem. Usually there is something lacking, you’re not happy and you want to fix something. This places an emphasis on goals to solve negative situations – fix things that are not going well. But if we change the perspective of goals and set them when in a state of happiness, we will be enhancing our content and flourishing life. So rather than setting goals from a place of failure and trying to dig our way out, we want to create and work on goals from a state of contentment and joy.

I love this idea: when we are coming from a place of abundance – our goals are positively influenced to enhance and make better our already great and current situation. This for me is the meaning and purpose of goals! We need to be happy with ourselves, happy in the now, happy in the moment and from that we can think positively about the future and create goals from a place of satisfaction.

So drawing back to the original question, does achieving our dreams matter? Yes, most definitely yes. I think everyone should be striving to achieve their dreams. If you love organising and planning then go at it with full force but remember the planning should come from a place of abundance, and when it does – great things will happen!

Let’s achieve those greatest dreams!

With love,

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