Since drinking ‘Bulletproof’ style coffees for almost 2 years now I just can’t do without it in the morning. Inspired by the yak’s butter tea Buddhist monks drink before meditation in Tibet, Dave Asprey has created a similar drink replacing tea with coffee, yak for cow’s butter and the addition of his own MCT oil – Brain Octane Oil. The result is a creamy, tasty coffee that is extremely potent in terms of nutrition and energy. Vital fats from the butter, ketones from the MCT, polyphenols and anti-oxidants from coffee give my brain the feeling it is lapping up exactly what it needs to perform – from the very first sip.

One of these coffees and some kind of vegetable juice has now become my standard breakfast. It keeps me full for hours and gives me the energy and focus needed to start the day with full force. Now, if I don’t have one in the morning, I feel noticeably more weak, hungry and less focussed compared to when I do.

I try to get a coconut oil that has been distilled to produce an oil with mainly 8-carbon chain fat molecules, some 10-carbon molecules.

You can use coconut oil itself but the effects are far greater using only the medium chain triglycerides.


Here’s my preferred recipe

  • 20g good quality coffee beans, freshly ground and brewed to your liking
  • 1 tbsp organic butter
  • 2 tsp 8-10 chain triglyceride oil
  • 1 tsp collagen powder

– Blitz all ingredients for about 10 seconds until foamy. Top up with hot water to serve.

Blitzing everything is very important as the polyphenols from the coffee combine with fat from the butter which then allows them to enter our cells. This wouldn’t happen by drinking coffee with regular cow’s milk –  the polyphenols wouldn’t be absorbed.

Whereas I used to drink about 4 to 5 milky coffees a day, I now have 1 or 2 Bulletproof-style coffees and 1 or 2 black coffees a day and try not to have caffeine after 2pm as it messes with sleep (unless I’m planning an all-nighter!).

By adding collagen it provides a good hit of protein that’s also very important to get first thing in the morning, giving your body what it needs to regenerate.

Just by drinking coffee this way you will start to shed body fat and gain muscle mass without exercising any more. Just be sure to get a load of essential vitamins and minerals from lots of fresh vegetables throughout the day!


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