When your intent is in accordance with the universe, things start happening.

When we open our hearts to the possibility of love, things begin conspiring to make it more abundant in our lives.

If you’re familiar with the law of attraction, you’ll understand our ability to attract positive things into our life. The law states that everything in the universe is made up of different energies, and these energies vibrate at different frequencies. The frequencies operate on high or low levels depending on whether we have positive or negative influences taking part in our lives. What makes these universal energies interesting, is their ability to attract similar ones based on the dominate nature of our thoughts, beliefs and actions, and this occurs both consciously and unconsciously.

If you haven’t been exposed to this line of thinking, the key part to understand is our whole demeanour runs on different levels. When we are feeling great and achieving things, doing well and feeling success, in any areas of life (relationships, love, career, health, friendships etc.), we are running on higher frequencies, thus higher levels. More positive energies are vibrating throughout our body therefore we feel more success in varied areas of our life.

On the other hand, when we have unfortunate circumstances taking place, are not in a positive state of mind, feel as though we can’t move forward because of the constant setbacks that keep taking place, we are running on lower frequencies, thus lower levels. This means more negative circumstances turn up due to our dominant demeanour holding us back.

What I want you to do is try connect with the law of attraction for a moment. I know from experience, when I am running on lower frequencies life just seems more dull. Things that generally seem easy enough become more difficult. Activities that often are enjoyable, seem less pleasurable. Money may not flow as freely, work may be more of a struggle, even health can plummet due to this negative resonance corrupting all aspects of life. The negativity, somehow flows into more avenues and while it’s not wanted, it still makes itself present. It’s times like this when the saying ‘bad luck comes in threes’ shows it’s truth. And what really is being shown is the universes law of attraction and how our dominant vibrations attract similar energies. If negative vibrations are making themselves more present, than more negative experiences arise due to this pull in energy. Conversely, when I am vibrating on a higher frequency, more abundance, pleasure, success and fulfilment seems to enter my life. I’ll wake each morning jumping from bed eagerly awaiting to start my day. I have the drive to continue to make my aspirations come true. It seems almost effortless to be excited and happy because the vibrations in my body are aligning to make peace and joy flow more freely. It wasn’t until I really tapped into this line of thinking that I truly began to understand how much of an affect my attitude and thus energy has on my whole existence.

Now if you’re anything like I, you’ll want the positive energies radiating as much as possible. And why not, it’s these positive forces that give us purpose, meaning, fulfilment and the sense of achievement. Unfortunately, what I have found, is this abundance doesn’t just come naturally. It does take effort and it must be something you’re continually willing to work on. That is why I love this activity! I have personally seen and experienced how powerful it is in raising vibrations – particularly our love vibration so if you are on board, you must give this a try!

The activity:

Choose a loved one who you want to focus on. It could be yourself, a partner, family member or close friend. Self love should come before anything else, therefore if yours is lacking I strongly advise you to start here. Once our self-love is truly blossoming, other love relationships will enter our lives more seamlessly. For this activity, initially I focused on Tom, however, when I revisited it I focused on myself and it is incredible how thankful and proud it made me feel.

You don’t need anything fancy, a piece of paper and pen, your computer, anything that allows you to sit, document and write your thoughts.

Once the person is chosen (and I highly recommend it being yourself first), write their name on the top of the page and then begin to write all the things you love about them. Focus on anything and everything. Write what you love about their appearance, personality, things they do, things they say, document as much as can come to mind.

What you will find, as I did, I couldn’t feel anything but love when I did this activity. I already adore Tom, but when I did this activity it allowed me to really reflect on what it is that makes him so special to me. There is so much literature advocating the idea that happy and loving relationships have the ability to massively boost our vibrations, and by doing this type of activity, I’m reminding myself why I am so in love with this person. It 100% did raise my vibration and also highlighted how thankful I am.

If you love your partner and want to refresh why, need to love yourself more or want to work on a family or friendship love, give this a go. I can’t see how you could feel anything but admiration, love and respect when you think about a person in this way.

Bye for now,

With love,

Nellie xo

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