‘The sustainability of our environment is directly connected to the sustainability of our health.’ – Dr. Mark Hyman

The Green Performance philosophy is simple: We strive to educate and inspire people to work with nature when making daily diet and lifestyle choices.

Essentially, it’s all about energy and sustainability, and utilising what nature has provided us with to get the best for our body and brain.

If you choose to follow the Green Performance lifestyle, you’ll enjoy eating fresh, local and real organic produce – it’s the best for us and our environment. If you’re on board with our line of thinking, you’ll be eating a variety of the nutritious foods we have evolved to eat, and combining them with supplements, mindfulness, meditation and exercise – which is the foundation of Green Performance.

We aim to give guidance on reducing the exposure to toxins which are present in our everyday life. We also want to show how  you can overcome daily challenges with the fuel your body needs so it can perform as it was intended to.

When we heal ourselves; we heal the planet. Incorporating healthy habits and rituals to attain a state of elevated living is at the centre of the Green Performance lifestyle.

To your health and happiness,

Tom and Nellie

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