If you have already been introduced to the magnificent benefits of meditation, you’ll know how perfect it is for your mind, body and soul. If you have heard about it, but never really given it a go, I strongly encourage you to start – as soon as possible. If you’re ready to get on board, but don’t know how to begin or set up a practice, keep reading, I’ve got some handy tips for you.

Guided meditation is the easiest, and most suitable way to start if you’re new to the practice. The internet has made it so easy; YouTube is a fantastic tool with hundreds of channels to choose from. You simply browse, select and subscribe to your favourite creators, choose an appropriate time, then practice. That’s it!

Only recently, Tom and I started using guided meditations in the morning as our wake up alarm.  As our days are busy, I often found I wasn’t doing daily meditation unless I really pencilled it into my schedule. Now that I use this tool in the morning, everyday I am waking with meditation. It creates wonderful energy and sets us both up for a perfect day.

Since starting this practice I’ve felt more success, appreciation and contentment with my days and it flows right through to the evenings. Even more, I feel like I am making more time later in the day to practice further because it’s naturally cleared the way to a higher resonating emotional state. Overall, it brings more joy, hope, love, and gratitude to life and makes the experience of being here that little bit more special.

Listed below are some of the great benefits of guided meditation:

1. You don’t have to know how to meditate

Someone conducts and you follow along. There is no pressure on yourself to be a meditating guru. Listen, observe and enjoy the magical mind journey. Now some people will say they get easily intimidated by meditation because they feel they can’t shut off, focus, or stop thinking about external things, but what needs to be understood is this brain chatter is actually a natural part of the meditation release process. If any thoughts arise just let them drift away as if you are releasing them in a river and return your focus to breath. An additional benefit of guided practice is someone directs your thinking, so even if you do wander, their voice and guidance will aid relaxation. 

2. It’s visualisation based

You start with an intention and envisage the outcome. It allows your mind to become clear, still and reflective. Visualisation is powerful in the way it can affect our reality by imagination. When we visualise an experience before we act on it we are better prepared for the situation as we have already mentally practised it. Visualisations also come with added health benefits; many studies have found visualisation can decrease stress, depression and alleviate pain and headaches. The mind has a powerful effect on the body; getting into deep states of relaxation and using visualisations provide the perfect conditions for whole-body healing. 

3. It works as a healing technique

You can focus on a disrupt in your life and work to resolve and mend any distress. Further, it can help to unpack hidden blocks that you may not be aware of: there could be an unconscious strain that’s holding you back from reaching your full potential, by addressing it at a subconscious level it gets to the root of the problem and paves the way for lasting change. Guided and unguided healing meditations are fantastic tools for relaxing and calming our bodies and minds and bringing focus to growth and repair. 

4. You choose the time

You can choose any time of the day to practice. It is good to do it in the morning and envisage your perfect day unfolding, the feelings of love and compassion you should experience will bring positive energy to whatever you are achieving that day. In the evening it is nice to reflect on the day’s events and re-live the experiences you felt grateful for, really feeling gratitude is key and will set you up perfectly for a restful sleep.

5. Provides focus and intent

You can choose a focus, e.g. relaxation, releasing worry, gratitude, healing anxiety etc. and you can choose how long you want to meditate for. Videos range from 5 minutes to over an hour so you decide what time-frame best fits your schedule. You may find on different days, a different focus feels more right. The beauty of meditation is that it is your practice. Play around, Experiment. Enjoy being the only you there has ever been, and ever will be.  

I strongly recommend giving it a go if you’ve not yet established your meditation practice. If you’re already meditating but haven’t tried guided methods, why not dabble with the idea, it will compliment what you are already doing.

Make sure you try!

With love,


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